33 Luxurious Valentine Gifts for Dogs You Want to Spoil

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Valentine gifts for dogs

Welcome to the ultimate guide for luxurious Valentine Gifts for dogs you want to spoil this Valentine’s Day.

As devoted pet parents, expressing our love extends beyond cuddles and treats; it’s about showering them with thoughtful gifts that make their tails wag with joy. From heart-shaped treats and stylish accessories to cozy beds and interactive toys, this curated list is designed to delight your furry friend on this special day.

Whether your pup enjoys playtime, relaxation, or a gourmet treat, discover a variety of heartwarming surprises that show them just how much they mean to you. Spoil your four-legged Valentine with love!

Valentine gifts for dogs

Plush Toy Banknote
We start with our favourite Valentine gift for dogs - check out this fabulous plush banknote. A plush banknote toy is a fun Valentine's Day gift for dogs, combining playfulness and enrichment, offering your pup a delightful and entertaining playtime experience.
Personalised Fleece Blanket
Wrap your canine companion in warmth and love this Valentine's Day with this personalised dog blanket. Crafted with their name, it's a cozy gesture that makes every snuggle even more heartwarming.
Wine for Dogs
Uncork love this Valentine's Day with dog-friendly wine. A non-alcoholic treat, it offers your pup a unique and enjoyable experience. Toast to your bond and create special moments, sharing a sip of affection in a safe and delightful way. One of our favourite Valentine gifts for dogs.
Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits
Treat your pup to a delightful Valentine's Day with Lily's Kitchen bedtime biscuits. Packed with natural ingredients like chamomile and passionflower, these treats promote relaxation, making it the perfect gift for a peaceful and enjoyable night's sleep. Show your dog love with wholesome indulgence.
Dog drying coat
This Valentine's Day, gift your dog the luxury of comfort with a dog drying coat. Absorbent and quick-drying, it wraps them in warmth after baths or rainy walks. Show love by keeping them cozy and dry, a gesture they'll appreciate.
Dog Valentine Bandana
Surprise your furry friend with a stylish Valentine's Day flair! Dog bandanas with hearts not only make your pup look adorable but also add a festive touch. It's a charming way to celebrate love and keep your dog fashion-forward.
Kong Bear
Delight your pup with the Kong Bear this Valentine's Day. It even comes with a removable squeaker for quieter days! Add this one to your list of ideas for Valentine Gifts for dogs.
Paw and Nose Balm
This Valentine's Day, pamper your pup with Paw and Nose Balm. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it provides relief to dry, cracked paws and noses, showing love through care and comfort. A thoughtful gift for your furry friend's well-being.
Valentine Dog Jumper
Wrap your dog in warmth and style this Valentine's Day with a festive dog jumper. Beyond adorable, it provides comfort and a touch of love. Keep your pup cosy and fashionable, showcasing your affection in the most delightful way. It can also be worn after Valentine's Day which is why we love this option.
Valentine Dog Toy Set
Celebrate love with a 5-piece Valentine dog toy set! Each toy offers varied textures and interactive features, ensuring hours of joyful play. It's a heartwarming gift that keeps tails wagging, reflecting your devotion to canine happiness. We love this choice of Valentine gifts for dogs.
Dog Bed with Hearts
Surprise your pup with a dog bed adorned with hearts this Valentine's Day. Beyond comfort, it's a symbol of love and warmth. A cozy haven for restful sleep, this thoughtful gift shows your dedication to your furry friend's well-being.
Dog Collar with Bow Tie
Adorn your canine companion with a stylish touch of love! A dog collar and bow tie with hearts for Valentine's Day adds charm to your pup's appearance. It's a fashionable and heartwarming gift, celebrating your bond with flair.
Dog Lead with Hearts
Walks become a stylish celebration of love with a dog lead adorned with hearts. This Valentine's Day, gift your pup a fashionable accessory that not only keeps them secure but also showcases your affection with every step.
Dog Bowl with Hearts
Elevate mealtime for your furry friend with a dog bowl adorned with hearts this Valentine's Day. Beyond functionality, it adds a festive touch to their dining experience, making every meal a heartwarming celebration of love and care.
Frozen Dog Yogurts
Indulge your pup's taste buds this Valentine's Day with frozen dog yogurts. A delicious and refreshing treat, it's a delightful way to express love. Packed with canine-friendly flavors, it turns snack time into a cool, flavorful celebration.
Heart-shaped Dog Treats
Celebrate Valentine's Day with heart-shaped dog treats—a delightful and tasty gesture of love. Show your pup affection through these special treats, making every moment a sweet reminder of your bond and appreciation for your furry friend.
Personalised Dog Collar with Heart Charm
This Valentine's Day, gift your pup a personalised dog collar with a heart charm—a token of love that's both stylish and sentimental. Enhance their unique identity and showcase your affection with this thoughtful and practical present.
Red Rose Plush Toy
Surprise your pup with a red rose plush toy this Valentine's Day—an adorable symbol of affection. Safe for play, it combines cuddliness with a touch of romance, offering your furry friend a delightful and festive companion.This is one of favourite Valentine gifts for dogs.
Paw Print Clay Mould & Photo Frame Kit
Capture cherished memories with your furry friend using a Paw Print Clay Mould & Photo Frame Kit. This Valentine's Day, create a lasting keepsake that immortalizes their unique paw print, adding a touch of love and nostalgia to your home.
Dog Muffin Treat
Delight your pup's taste buds with a dog muffin this Valentine's Day—a delicious and thoughtful treat. Packed with canine-friendly ingredients, it's a scrumptious way to express love and make their special day even more delightful.
Matching Owner and Dog Baseball Caps
Celebrate Valentine's Day with style by gifting matching owner and dog baseball caps. These fashionable accessories create a fun and heartwarming connection between you and your pup, making every outing a shared expression of love. This is a great choice from our list of Valentine Gifts for dogs.
Heart Shaped Dog Rope Chew Toys
The heart-shaped dog rope toy is a playful Valentine's Day gift that combines fun and love. Provide your pup with hours of entertainment and encourage bonding through interactive play, expressing affection in every tug and toss.
Plush Champagne Toy
Toast to Valentine's Day with a plush champagne bottle dog toy—a festive and playful gift. It adds a touch of celebration to your pup's playtime, offering them a cute and squeaky companion for joyful moments. Cheers to love and fun!
Dog Ice Cream Mix
Surprise your pup with a dog ice cream mix this Valentine's Day—a delightful and refreshing treat. Packed with safe and tasty ingredients, it's a cool way to express your love and keep your furry friend happily wagging their tail.
Heart-shaped Dog Sunglasses
Gift your pup a stylish edge with red, heart-shaped dog sunglasses this Valentine's Day. Beyond fashion, these shades offer UV protection, making walks more comfortable while expressing love in the most adorable way.
Dog Friendly Massage Oil
Show your pup some love with a dog-friendly massage oil this Valentine's Day. Infused with soothing ingredients, it's a pampering gesture that enhances bonding and relaxation, creating moments of bliss for your furry companion.
Dog Friendly Aromatherapy Diffuser
Create a serene atmosphere for your pup this Valentine's Day with a dog-friendly aromatherapy diffuser. Infuse calming scents that soothe and relax, offering your furry friend a peaceful haven filled with love and tranquility.
Personalised Treat Tin
This Valentine's Day, surprise your pup with a personalised dog treat jar—a thoughtful and stylish gift. Showcase love by storing their favorite treats in a jar featuring their name, creating a special and organized space for moments of joy and reward.
Valentine Dog Hoodie
Gift your pup a Valentine dog hoodie, a cosy and adorable gesture of love. Beyond warmth, it adds a touch of fashion, making your furry friend the epitome of style. Show your affection through comfort and cuteness.
Dog Calming Spray
Ease your pup's stress this Valentine's Day with a dog calming spray. Infused with soothing scents, it provides a tranquil environment, showing love through relaxation and comfort. Ideal for moments when your furry friend needs a gentle and caring touch.
Dog Cookie Cutter Set
Surprise your pup with a dog cookie cutter set this Valentine's Day and make him some fun and tasty treats. Create heart-shaped goodies that express love in every bite, making snack time a delightful celebration of affection and joy.
Beer for Dogs
Cheers to love with dog-friendly beer this Valentine's Day. A non-alcoholic treat, it lets your pup join the celebration in a safe and tasty way. Share a refreshing moment together, expressing your affection through a unique and enjoyable gesture.
Valentine Dog Harness
Celebrate Valentine's Day in style with a festive dog harness. Beyond functionality, it adds flair to walks, making your pup the epitome of charm. Express love by outfitting them in this fashionable accessory that combines comfort and a touch of romance.

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