5 Steps to Stuffing a Sensational Christmas Stocking

5 Steps to Stuffing a Sensational Christmas Stocking

Creating the perfect Christmas Stocking shouldn’t be difficult. Follow our simple 5 step process and you will be the best Christmas Elf in town. Santa will be proud.

Step One – Find the perfect Christmas stocking or sack

Presentation is key so the first step is to find the perfect stocking or Christmas sack. If you give yourself enough time you can either make one yourself, or use a personalisation service to add that extra sensational touch.

Try this personalised stocking

Or this lovely personalised Christmas sack

Step Two – Consider a theme

If the person you are building the stocking for has a particular craze going on, then it might be a really good idea to theme the stocking.

Star Wars is a great example, you could buy a whole stocking of Star Wars gifts.

There are tons of ideas that you could use, just look around at our gift lists for inspiration.

Step Three – Decide on the number of gifts

The correct number of gifts in a stocking is a knotty problem. Too few and you look stingy. Too many and it is over the top.

Our best advice is seven separate gifts. We would love to report that this based on months of intense research backed up by consumer surveys, but this isn’t true.  Seven just feels right to us.

Step Four – use our secret stocking formula

We try to have the following in each stocking we create;

  1. A gift that could be a “main present”
  2. Something yummy to eat
  3. A silly and fun present
  4. Smellies
  5. A voucher for an experience
  6. Socks for irony
  7. A gift that is bang on trend

Step Five – follow our kick-ass Christmas gift planning?guide

Once you have pinned down your thinking on the number and the type of gifts, head over to our Christmas gift planning guide and plug the ideas into your gift buying system.

Happy Christmas!