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About us

If you liked our lists, then we thought that you might like to know a little bit about us.

We are an extended family enterprise spanning three generations. The eldest is 84 and the youngest is 14. Our family includes grandparents, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. We have in-laws, aunts and uncles.

In total there are 13 family members contributing their ideas and lists. So between us we should cover every generation. Our interests and hobbies cover a huge range and where we have gaps we call in friends to help.

Annette had a family reputation of being a really terrible gift giver. We were frustrated with her poor memory and she bought REALLY rubbish presents. She was frustrated with gimmicky gifts that last for five minutes and were then tossed aside.

She was sick of wasting money on the annual gift giving cycle and not bringing joy to anyone.

Then she woke up to the fact that people actually want things, and if you can tap into their dreams and desires, then your perfect gift will emerge.

And so Inspired Gift Ideas was born.

Why can’t we comment on your lists?

You will notice that we have not enabled comments on our lists. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly we want to guard against unwanted spam delivered by bots. No-one enjoys reading nonsense comments so we don’t allow comments for that reason.

Secondly we are running a Facebook page, email and Twitter, which is probably enough admin for anyone. We hope you understand.

Obviously the majority of our visitors are real people, like you, so we have a number of other ways that you can contact us.

Firstly you can find us on our Facebook page here. Please feel free to comment on individual lists here – we post when a list is new and regularly thereafter.

Follow us on Twitter here.

Alternatively you can contact us here.

Inspired Gift Ideas in The US

We are very excited to have launched Inspired Gift Ideas in the US, you can find us here.