41 Taylor Swift Gift Ideas Swifties will Love

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Taylor Swift Gift

Taylor Swift Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for a Swiftie is never easy as there are so many questions. Which era do they like? What’s an era? What does Taylor’s version mean?

Use our list of Taylor Swift Gift Ideas help you through the maze and emerge triumphant with the perfect gift for Swifties.

Taylor Swift Book Gift ideas

Taylor Swift books are captivating journeys into the life and artistry of one of the world’s most influential musicians. From fashion books to biographies, these books provide insights into Taylor’s career, songwriting process, and the challenges she’s faced. They’re a must-have for fans seeking a deeper understanding of her incredible journey.

Taylor Swift and the clothes she wears
Taylor Swift is the quintessential millennial. Free-thinking and creative, she navigates pop stardom with boundless charisma and a keen eye on her digital presence. A born storyteller, her outfits mark the different phases of her whirlwind life every bit as clearly as her songs. From cowboy boots to cottage-core, Saint Laurent to sci-fi, onstage and on the street, her clothes are always carefully chosen to match the moment. This is a fabulous Taylor Swift Gift.
Big Book of Taylor Swift
The Big Book of Taylor Swift is an ideal gift for Swifties, offering a comprehensive exploration of Taylor's career, from her early days to global stardom. Packed with photos, stories, and insights, it's a delightful and informative keepsake celebrating the evolution of an iconic artist.

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Taylor Swift Gift Ideas – Kansas City Chiefs

Taylor is now dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. So the hot gift ideas for Swifties are anything to do with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansa City Chiefs Baseball Cap
A Kansas City Chiefs baseball cap is a bold statement of Swiftie pride. Combining style and team loyalty, it shields from the sun while showcasing allegiance. Perfect for Taylor's fans, it's a sporty accessory that effortlessly blends fashion with passion.
Kansas City Chiefs Hoodie
A Kansas City Chiefs hoodie makes a unique and cozy gift for Swifties who love both football and Taylor Swift. It merges fandoms, providing warmth and style as they express dual passions with comfort and flair.

The Eras Tour Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Taylor’s record breaking Eras tour started in 2023 and will finish in 2024. It features all of the 10 eras and represents a celebration of 17 years of music.

To watch the Extended Version of The Eras Tour film, click here.

Friendship Bracelet Making Set
A friendship bracelet-making kit is a delightful Taylor Swift gift, echoing the camaraderie celebrated in her music. Swifties can create personalized bracelets, fostering connections inspired by Taylor's themes of friendship and unity. It combines creativity with a shared love for Taylor Swift. This set has 7,200 pieces so get making!

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What's Your Era?
A book detailing each of Taylor Swift's albums is a cherished gift for Swifties, offering an insightful journey into her artistic evolution. It provides a comprehensive look at the stories, inspirations, and creative processes behind each album, deepening fans' appreciation for Taylor's remarkable musical career. A very thoughtful Taylor Swift Gift idea.

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Eras Phone Cover
Another great idea for a Taylor Swift Gift, this lovely phone case features the ten eras. This one fits the iPhone 12, but this design is available to fit many other phone sizes.

Some FAQs to help you buy the perfect Taylor Swift gift

What is an Era?

An Era corresponds with an album. But it’s more than that. Each Era has its own mood, colour scheme and aesthetic.

How many Eras are there?

There are ten Eras. We list them in chronological order. Each Era features in the Eras Tour.

What does Taylor’s Version mean?

Taylor is in the process of re-recording her first six albums. Each of the re-recorded versions are called (Taylor’s Version) to differentiate it from the original. Swifties will appreciate being given the Taylor’s Version above the original.

Self-titled Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

“Taylor Swift,” released in 2006, marked the emergence of a prodigious talent. Blending country and pop influences, the album showcased Swift’s emotive songwriting and storytelling prowess. Hits like “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops on My Guitar” introduced the world to the compelling musical journey of a young, promising artist.

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift Vinyl
Taylor Swift's self-titled debut album, The Taylor Swift album is a cherished gift for Swifties, encapsulating the genesis of Taylor's musical journey. Its heartfelt lyrics and country-pop melodies form the foundation of her stellar career, resonating profoundly with fans' emotions and creating lasting memories.

Fearless Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Released in 2008 and re-released in 2021, “Fearless” is a pivotal Taylor Swift album that elevated her status in the music industry. With its mix of country and pop, it features iconic tracks like “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me,” showcasing Swift’s storytelling brilliance. It’s a timeless gift for Swifties, capturing her evolving artistry.

Fearless - Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) Vinyl
Fearless, Taylor Swift's transformative 2008 album re-released in 2021, is an ideal gift for Swifties. Its timeless melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and cultural impact make it a cherished piece of her journey. Gifting Fearless is offering a nostalgic journey through Taylor's early success, a treasure for any devoted fan.
You Are Fearless
The book 'You Are Fearless' is a wonderful gift for little Swifties, imparting empowering messages inspired by Taylor Swift's resilience. It introduces young fans to themes of courage and self-confidence through relatable storytelling, fostering a positive and uplifting mindset. A great Taylor Swift gift for little ones
Fearless - Music Book
The book of the music from 'Fearless' is a perfect gift for Swifties, offering a nostalgic journey through Taylor Swift's iconic album. It lets fans explore the melodies and lyrics in detail, deepening their connection to the timeless and emotional tunes of Fearless.

Speak Now Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Released in 2010 and re-released in 2023, Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” is a magnum opus of self-written tales. Each track narrates personal stories with raw emotion, showcasing her growth as a storyteller. With hits like “Mine” and “Back to December,” this album stands as a testament to Swift’s unparalleled songwriting prowess and musical evolution.

Speak Now - Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) Vinyl
Speak Now, Taylor Swift's 2010 masterpiece, is a perfect gift for Swifties. This album, entirely self-written, immerses fans in Taylor's captivating narratives and musical evolution. Its emotional depth and timeless melodies make it a cherished token, celebrating Swift's artistry and personal growth.

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Swift Lyrics - Analysing Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
Swift Lyrics - Analyzing Speak Now is a fantastic Taylor Swift gift, delving into the depth and meaning behind her lyrics. It offers an insightful journey into the storytelling, emotions, and artistic nuances, allowing fans to connect more profoundly with the Speak Now album.

Red Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

“Red,” Taylor Swift’s 2012 album, re-released in 2021, is a vibrant spectrum of emotions, blending country with pop perfection. Its diverse sound and poignant lyrics, including hits like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “All Too Well,” paint a vivid picture of love and heartbreak.

Red - Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) Vinyl
Red, Taylor Swift's 2012 masterpiece, is a great gift for Swifties. With its diverse musical palette and emotional depth, it captures the essence of love's complexities, offering a timeless journey through Taylor's evolving artistry.

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Red - All Too Well Tote
An 'All Too Well' tote bag is a thoughtful Taylor Swift gift, combining practicality with fandom. It's a stylish accessory that allows fans to carry a piece of Taylor Swift's emotional storytelling wherever they go, celebrating the depth and beauty of 'All Too Well.'

1989 Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Released in 2014 and re-released in 2023, Taylor Swift’s “1989” is a pop triumph, marking her transition from country to mainstream pop. Filled with synth-driven hits like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space,” it’s a celebration of self-discovery and independence. A gift for Swifties, it’s an iconic era in Taylor’s genre-defying career.

1989 - Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) Vinyl
1989 is a perfect gift for Swifties, encapsulating Taylor Swift's pop evolution in 2014. With infectious hits and empowering anthems, it's a musical journey into her transformative era, a must-have for fans.
1989 Cardigan
This lovely blue cardigan is a perfect gift for the 1989 era Swiftie. It features the colour of this era as well as the birds. Made of 100% cotton it is a great Taylor Swift present.This a great Taylor Swift Gift Idea.
1989 - Necklace
A 1989 necklace is a thoughtful gift for Swifties, allowing them to carry a piece of Taylor Swift's romantic world with them. The elegant accessory becomes a symbol of connection to the enchanting and timeless themes explored in the 1989 album.

Reputation Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Released in 2017, Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” is a bold sonic departure, delving into darker tones and electronic beats. It narrates her public image struggles and personal growth, featuring chart-toppers like “Look What You Made Me Do.” A gift for Swifties, it’s a testament to her resilience and artistic reinvention. We all eagerly await Taylor’s Version of this album.

Reputation - Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) Vinyl
Honestly, wait for this to be re-released - watch this space we're on it.

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Lover Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Taylor Swift’s 2019 album “Lover” is a romantic odyssey, brimming with love anthems and introspective tracks. With hits like “ME!” and the title track, it’s a celebration of love in its myriad forms. A heartfelt gift for Swifties, “Lover” captures Taylor’s whimsical charm and musical brilliance in a vibrant spectrum.

Lover - Taylor Swift Vinyl
Lover, Taylor Swift's 2019 album, is a fantastic gift for Swifties. Bursting with romantic ballads and uplifting anthems, it encapsulates Taylor's whimsical charm and musical versatility. It's a celebration of love, offering a delightful and heartfelt journey through her diverse musical palette.

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Folklore Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Released in 2020, Taylor Swift’s “folklore” is a sonic departure, embracing indie-folk and introspective storytelling. With ethereal tracks like “Cardigan” and “Betty,” it’s a lyrical masterpiece that unveils a new, mature side of Swift. A captivating gift for Swifties, it showcases her evolving artistry and narrative brilliance.

Folklore - Taylor Swift Vinyl
folklore, Taylor Swift's 2020 surprise album, is a superb gift for Swifties. Its indie-folk ambiance and poignant storytelling reveal a new, mature chapter in her artistry. A lyrical masterpiece, it provides an intimate and introspective musical experience, resonating deeply with devoted fans.
Folklore - Cardigan
This is a dupe but it does come highly recommended by buyers. The cardigan is a great copy of the cardigan Taylor wears in the Cardigan video. It allows fans to embody the cozy aesthetic of the album while enjoying comfort. The cardigan, a tangible connection to Swift's artistry, becomes a cherished and fashionable piece in their wardrobe.
Folklore - Piano/Vocals/Guitar book
A folklore music book is a perfect gift for Swifties, offering an intimate connection to Taylor Swift's songwriting. It allows fans to play and sing along to the captivating melodies, bringing the enchanting and introspective world of folklore into their own musical expression.

Evermore Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

Also released in 2020, Taylor Swift’s “evermore” is a poignant companion to “folklore,” featuring introspective tracks with a blend of indie-folk and alternative influences. Songs like “Willow” and “Champagne Problems” create a lyrical tapestry, offering a beautiful continuation of Swift’s exploration into storytelling. A heartfelt gift for Swifties.

Evermore - Taylor Swift Vinyl
evermore, Taylor Swift's 2020 gem, is a perfect gift for Swifties. The album, a poetic sequel to folklore, deepens the narrative with introspective tracks. Its alternative sound and compelling storytelling provide a rich, emotional experience, making it an essential addition to any fan's collection.
Evermore - Wall Poster
This large wall poster includes the image from the album cover and the list of tracks. An evermore wall poster is a wonderful gift for Swifties, transforming their space into a visual ode to Taylor Swift's poetic realm. It captures the album's enchanting essence, creating a daily reminder of the emotional and artistic journey offered by evermore.
Evermore - Easy Piano
This easy piano book includes the lyrics and piano arrangements for all 17 tracks. An evermore piano book is an excellent gift for Swifties, allowing them to immerse themselves in Taylor Swift's musical genius. It enables fans to play and appreciate the enchanting melodies, bringing the emotional depth of evermore directly into their hands.

Midnights Era Taylor Swift Gift ideas

The latest album from Taylor was released in 2022.

In her note announcing the new record, she described it as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life. This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams,” Swift wrote. “The floors we pace and the demons we face. For all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching — hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve… we’ll meet ourselves.”

Midnights - Taylor Swift Vinyl
Midnights, Taylor Swift's 2022 album, is a perfect gift for Swifties. This album brings every Swift bang up to date with Taylor's music as this is the last release (so far). There are multiple formats so loads to chose from.

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Anti Hero - I'm the Problem Journal
A 120 page lined journal for your Swift friend to record their thoughts about, well whatever they want really. Anti-hero is a track from the Midnights album and features the lines quoted on the front cover of the journal. A perfect gift to help them record all their Taylor experiences. Maybe they could even begin creating songs themselves?

Taylor Swift Greeting cards

Taylor Swift greeting cards are a delightful way for Swifties to share love and fandom. Featuring iconic album artwork or lyrics, they become personal notes conveying affection. These cards not only celebrate special occasions but also serve as keepsakes, connecting fans through Taylor’s music and heartfelt messages.

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Anti Hero card
Another card featuring a play on the lyrics of Anti Hero. This one changes to 'you' and reads 'You have this thing where you get older but just never wiser'. Your Swiftie friend will love it! A great card to accompany their Taylor Swift gift.

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May Your Birthday Go All Too Well
An All Too Well birthday card is a sentimental and unique Taylor Swift gift. It adds a personal touch to birthday wishes, incorporating Taylor Swift's emotional resonance, and becomes a cherished keepsake, blending fandom with celebration.

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