We know that sometimes it an be difficult to buy Christmas presents for your Mum, but there are some things you must never buy. So, we give you our list of totally terrible gifts for your Mum.

Totally Terrible Christmas Presents for Your Mum


Honestly, buying your Mum an iron for Christmas is a truly terrible idea. Don’t go there. Ever.

Bulk purchase of Tea

While this may be good value for money, bulk purchasing everyday grocery supplies is a NO GO.


Like the iron, the hoover is just a reminder of the daily and weekly grind of cleaning and chores.  How can this possibly be a good gift?

LEGO Star Wars 75105 Millennium Falcon

Yes, its a great bit of kit. But, it’s what YOU want, not what your Mum wants. So, no, definitely no.

Dental Floss

No. No. No.


You know when you ask your Mum what she wants for Christmas and she says “Nothing”. Take it from us, she doesn’t mean it.


A spray for the loo? We don’t think so.


The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet: Lose weight fast and reprogramme your body

Your Mum might say “I need to go on a diet”, but there is no need to go to these lengths.

Dog lead

This is a present for the dog, not your Mum. She may walk the dog every day, but this isn’t a present for her.

Thomas Cook & Pour 20cm 2.8L Saucepan with Glass Lid

We are not really sure why, but there is something really sad about giving one saucepan. Try a set. Or perfume?

Laundry basket

Despite what you might think, laundry is not a hobby. So to give laundry accessories for Christmas is a very bad idea.

BigMouth Inc The Original Toilet Mug

Why, oh why? There are so many fun mugs on the market and you choose this one? Even if your Mum enjoys a bit of toilet humour, we don’t think this is quite on the money. Move on.

Dr. Anison Ultra Low Cut Liner No Show Socks With Silicone Back For Womens Pack of 4

Practical? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. Useful? Yes. Beautiful? No. Present material? No.

Olive throw

A throw isn’t a totally terrible idea, but this one is just plain and the colour is urgh. Try a better colour, add a pattern and some luxury and you’re getting warmer.

Stainless Steel Socks Shorts Underwear Drying Rack 15 Clips

Socks and laundry in one terrible present. One of the worst Christmas presents for your Mum that we have found.

Cotton wool balls

We can see where you are going with this one. It’s in the realm of beauty products which always go down well. But cotton wool balls are really a bit short of the mark. Miss.

Dish drainer

The message that gives to your Mum is “get into the kitchen and wash up”. Hardly a message of love.

How to get more Inspired Gift Ideas

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