Our wild swimming gifts will delight your cold water loving chum.

Wild Swimming is gaining more and more participants. Swimming year round in open water be it rivers, lakes or the sea, is growing in popularity. And as the UK is sadly not known for its balmy climate, this usually means swimming in cold water.

We have put together a list of gifts to consider for your wild swimming friend.


Wild Swimming Gifts

Dry Robe Towelling Changing Robe

Whatever the weather, this changing robe is a must have. We use ours on the beach to dry off, ?keep warm and to change in. They are lovely and roomy so changing is easy and discreet.

On cold days they keep you warm until the last possible moment! What’s not to like?

Swimming cap

Be seen, be safe. These unisex swimming caps come with ear pockets and are suitable for people with long hair.

Saguaro Unisex Water Shoes

These lovely water shoes fulfil a number of functions. Most importantly they keep your feet warm, but they also give you some grip on slippery rocks and may guard against weever fish stings.

The shoes come in a variety of colours for men and women.

New Wave Swim Bubble

From the Company that brought you the New Wave Swim Buoy, the Bubble offers a light weight way to float and rest during swims and a great way to remain visible.

?We think this is one of the best wild swimming gifts as it will keep your chum safe.

Maxtop 40l Rucksack

With all this kit, your chum is going to need a bag big enough to cope. Check out this option which holds 40 litres of stuff.

Waterproof Phone Case

A great idea if you are nervous about leaving your phone on shore, or if you want to take underwater pictures. We are a bit uncertain about this idea ourselves, but this product comes highly recommended.

Wild Swimming Gifts – for after the swim

Dry Robe Long Sleeve change robe

This is the absolute must have for after swimming in cold water.?

Dryrobe’s Advance Long Sleeve change robe is the warmest and most advanced change robe in the world. 100% Waterproof and Windproof outer and fleece lined inner will keep you warm and dry in any climate! Made for changing sports clothing or wetsuits outdoors, the dryrobe allows you to easily change out of your clothing within the robe.

Microfibre towel

You can never have enough microfibre towels, they are compact and quick to dry.

Ladies Double Layer Beanie Hat

After the swim the focus is on keeping warm and as we all know 90% of our body heat escapes through our head. So this lovely ladies beanie will be the first thing your wild swimming friend will put on after the swim.

Thermos ThermoCafe Stainless Steel 1 litre Flask

Warm coffee or mulled wine, what ever takes your fancy to warm you after a cold water swim…

Hot Water Bottle

A great tip we learned from a member of the Blue Tits; take a hot water bottle and wrap your towels and clothes around it while you swim, that way you will have toasty towels and clothes to change into after the swim. Genius!

How to get more Inspired Gift Ideas

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