Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma – 11 Delightful Unique Gifts

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Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

She’s always there for you so why not treat your grandmother this Mother’s Day?  We have some awesome Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma.  We know from experience that Grandmas can be difficult to buy presents for so we have come up with these gift ideas to help you spoil your Grandma this Mother’s Day.

Nan, Gran, Granny or Grandma, they all deserve a hug a kiss and a little treat. Especially if you haven’t seen them for a while.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

Grandma Memory Journal

We love, love, love this idea! A gift from You to Her to You. This beautiful journal will guide your grandmother through a bunhc of questions about her life so that she can create a memory book for you. Fabulous, buy it now.

Knitter and Natter 1000 piece Jigsaw

A pretty 1000 piece jigsaw that will keep your grandmother occupied and her brain sharp.

Sandy Bay Laptray

A beautiful beach scene on a laptray for TV dinners, what a treat for Grandma on Mother’s Day.

Personalised bamboo chopping board for Grandma

This awesome chopping board can be personalised for your Grandmother’s name. She will adore this gift!

Chanel No5 Eau de Parfum Spray 100ml

Just becasue she’s a Granny doesn’t mean she can’t smell fabulous, so treat her with a great big bottle of this iconic scent.

I Love you to the moon and back personalised cushion

Personalise this cute cushion with your family names. Grandmother/Nanna/Gran/Grandma, are all possible. Then add your name for a fully personalised cushion. Fabulous!

Cowshed Refresh Hand Cream

For the last few years we have all been washing our hands far more than we did before and as a result many are suffering from dry and chapped hands. So treat your Grandma with this lovely Cowshed Hand Cream.

Grandma Heart Trinket Box

This cute little “Grandma” Trinket Box will remind her of you every day.?

Lavender Body Wrap

We love these lavender scented body wraps. All they need is two minutes in the microwave and the scent is released and the wrap is toasty warm.

We think this is a beautiful and relaxing present for your Grandmother, she will be delighted!

Awesome Grandma Mug

Give your Grandma this awesome mug and she will think of you every time she has a cup of tea!

Plaid Warm Blanket Scarf

A gorgeous and warm plaid scarf that comes in a variety of colours. Granny will love this Mother’s Day gift.

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