Guinea Pig Gifts

Have a relative who loves Guinea Pigs? We have found the best guinea pig gifts for your relative and their guinea pig. ?From lovely houses to toys for the piggies and socks and mugs for the guinea pig lover.

Gifts for Guinea Pigs

Rosewood Boredom Breaker Small Animal Activity Toy Trio of Fun Balls

Three different chewable balls for your guinea pigs to play with. ?A great boredom solution and lots of fun for the piggies to chew up.

Rosewood Natural Treat Nibble Woodroll Carrot

Made with 100% natural ingredients this carrot wood roll is a great treat for your guinea pigs.

VivaPet Outdoor Octagon Cage Pen with Sun Protection Net Cover

An affordable, flexible, sturdy guinea pig run for use indoors or outdoors. ?Give your guinea pigs a good run around in the fresh air.

Happy Pet Willow Tube

Guinea Pigs can often be nervous so a hide-away tunnel can be a great idea. This willow tunnel is great for playing, hiding and chewing.

Trixie Natural Living Willow Bridge

A gorgeous hiding place for your piggies to enjoy some peace and quiet. Or a vantage point to climb on and get a better view of what is going on around them. Will fit up to two guinea pigs comfortably.

Small Animal Plush 2 Way Hooded Bed

Give your Guinea Pig a snuggle treat with this lovely plush bed. Fits one adult piggy.

Grooming Kit for Guinea Pigs

Keep your guinea pig in tip top condition with this cute little grooming kit. It contains a range of brushes and comb.

Guinea Pig books

A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice brilliantly depicted by Guinea Pigs. A really cute adaptation and an educational gift to boot.

Charlie and Lola: I Completely Know About Guinea Pigs

A cute little story for younger children about looking after the school guinea pig.

Cooking for My Cavy: Recipes for Guinea Pig Treats

A sweet little recipe book with 25 recipes to create healthy treats for your piggies. Recipes include?Piggy Pizza and Piggy Popcorn. A great gift for guinea pig lovers.

Gifts for Guinea Pig lovers

I speak English and guinea pig tote bag

This bag is 100% cotton, washable and comes in a choice of colours. Take it shopping for guinea pig supplies.

Canvas Guinea Pig Messenger Bag/Satchel

As featured in Vogue, this Guinea Pig Messenger Bag will launch you to the top of the style stakes. It is available in three colour ways, our favourite is the blue.

Personalised Guinea Pig Mug Cup

A cute mug with space for your personalisation.

Tricolour Guineapig Plush soft Toy by teddy Hermann

A beautiful little realistic plush toy that comes in a choice of colours. ?We liked the Tricolour one a lot. Reviewers talk about using this as an office pet, or for children who cannot have real guinea pigs. A super idea.

“The Crazy Gang” Guinea Pigs Card

What a lovely accompaniment to your guinea pig gifts; a crisp guinea pig card.

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