21 Genealogically Brilliant Gifts for Family History Buffs

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Gifts for family history buffs

Gifts for family history buffs can often be difficult to track down. When your relative is lost beneath a pile of dusty documents, how best to inspire them to deeper research? Here we make the task easier by suggesting some great gifts for family history buffs.

Family Tree Book Gifts

Genealogy: Essential Research Methods by Helen Osborn
This book was published in 2020 and is an ideal companion for anybody researching their family tree. It provides advice and inspiration on methods and problem-solving and helps the amateur family historian understand what successful professionals do to get results, and why we should copy them.
Scottish Genealogy by Bruce Durie
This fully revised and updated fourth edition of Scottish Genealogy is a comprehensive guide to tracing your family history in Scotland. Written by one of the most authoritative figures on the subject, the work is based on established genealogical practice and is designed to exploit the rich resources that Scotland has to offer.
The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic genealogy by Blaine Bettinger
Discover the answers to your family history mysteries using the most-cutting edge tool available to genealogists. This plain-English guide, newly revised and expanded, is a one-stop resource on genetic genealogy for family historians. Inside, you'll learn what DNA tests are available, with up-to-date pros and cons of the major testing companies (including AncestryDNA) and advice on choosing the right test to answer your specific questions.
Tracing your Ancestors from 1066 to 1837: A guide for Family Historians by Jonathan Oates
The trail that an ancestor leaves through the Victorian period and the twentieth century is relatively easy to follow - the records are plentiful, accessible and commonly used. But how do you go back further, into the centuries before the central registration of births, marriages and deaths was introduced in 1837, before the first detailed census records of 1841? How can you trace a family line back through the early modern period and perhaps into the Middle Ages?
Organise Your Genealogy: Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher by Drew Smith
A gift we wish we had years ago...
Stop struggling to manage all your genealogy facts, files, and data and make a plan of attack to maximize your progress. Organize Your Genealogy will show you how to use tried-and-true methods and the latest tech tools and genealogy software to organize your research plan, workspace, and family-history finds.
Who Do You Think You Are? Encyclopedia of Genealogy: The definitive reference guide to tracing your family history
From the Author: 'The Who Do You Think You Are? Encyclopedia of Genealogy has been written with this fresh perspective in mind, and shows that we can find out far more about our ancestors than their name and vital statistics of birth, marriage and death. Consequently, it differs in its approach from other titles on genealogy by tackling real subjects that people discover lurking in their family backgrounds - military heroes, illegitimate ancestors, criminals and bigamists - and then placing these topics in their historical context, so that you can fully understand why your ancestors were doing what they did.'
A Lifetime of Memories: A guided journal for your relative to record their life experiences
We adore this idea; what could be better than your relatives creating family history for you? This would make a lovely present for Mother's or Father's Day as well. Get the tissues out as the results of this may be very emotional...

Genealogy Gifts for Family History Buffs

Incutex 100% Cotton Gloves
Another gift for genealogists in the field. Old documents can be very sensitive and so gloves help to protect them from mishandling and skin secretions. These 100% cotton gloves are kind to your skin and come in packs of 4.
Master Lock A4 Fire and Waterproof Deed Box
Many documents such as birth certificates or old photos are irreplaceable. The risk of loss can be mitigated to a degree by keeping them in a fire proof safe or box. This box by Master Lock will hold documents safe for 30 minutes in the event of a fire.
Family History Certificate Binder
This ring binder designed for original certificates comes in a variety of colours. A great way to store dusty documents that will help to stop them from deteriorating.
Archival Acid Free Long Certificate Pocket for Ring Binders 25 pack
Original certificates are precious documents that can easily deteriorate over time. Help to prolong their lifespan by using these acid free pockets. Available in an assortment of sizes, these pockets are an important part of any family archive.
Reading Magnifier with light
A magnifying glass is a must when researching through dusty documents with tiny, often illegible writing. Give your loved one a helping hand with this magnifying glass that comes with an in-built light - a real boon in dark museums and libraries.
Brother Portable Scanner
For the Family History Buff in the field. Documents in museums and archive collections are often difficult or impossible to photocopy, so a mobile scanner is the perfect solution. The Brother is the mobile scanning solution for users who need to scan a wide variety of documents regardless of where they are. It packs easily in a laptop bag and is powered by the USB port so you can scan anywhere.
Family Tree Book Page Starter Pack
A loose leaf starter pack is a great gift for family history buffs. These pages have been created to fit into a binder. We think this method is better than a record book - any mistakes can be substituted with a new page. Help your relative to build their own systematic record of their family tree with this starter pack.
Archival Acid Free Clamshell Storage Box Extra Large
Protect your family archive from chemical damage and deterioration. This box is a great way to protect your important documents, photographs, keepsakes and certificates.

Fun Family History Gifts

Family Tree genealogy sampler cross stitch kit
Create your own beautiful and personal keepsake. A cross stitch kit that will guide you through the process of recording your own family tree and create a sampler that will become a family heirloom. Beautiful antique colour threads are included.
Family tree personalised cushion
Create your own family tree cushion. You can specify up to 10 names to appear on the tree. A wonderful keepsake for all the family. Comes with cushion inner and measures 35cm square.
Genealogists Never Complain But We Do Wine - Mug & Coaster Set
A fun gift for family history buffs that will brighten any genealogist's day.
Who Do You Think You Are Collection (Series 1-4 box set
All 32 episodes from series 1-4 of the BBC2 genealogy programme that follows well-known personalities as they go back to their roots and research their family histories. Series 1 includes Bill Oddie, Sue Johnston, Jeremy Clarkson and Ian Hislop while Series 2 includes Jeremy Paxman, Sheila Hancock and Stephen Fry.
Series 3 includes David Tennant, Barbara Windsor, Robert Lindsay, Colin Jackson and Nigella Lawson and Series 4 includes John Hurt, Griff Rhys Jones, Carol Vorderman, and Matthew Pincent.

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