15 Gadgets for Dogs who Roll With New Technology

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gadgets for dogs

Bring Fido into the 21st century with all the latest cool gadgets for dogs.

Cool Gadgets for Dogs

iFetch Ball Launcher for dogs
A brilliant way to keep your dog entertained for hours. With a little upfront training your dog will be able to feed the iFetch machine with balls that will then launch to any one of three distances.

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PitPat Dog GPS Tracker
A Fitbit for your dog! Set exercise and health goals for your dog and monitor his progress using the light sensor. The app will help you assess how active your dog is compared to other dogs of a similar size and breed. A fantastic idea and one of our favourite gadgets for dogs.
Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser
What a great invention. A camera that allows you to interact with your dog when you are out of the house. With?an added bonus that you can dispense treats remotely as well. A fantastic gadget for your dog.
PetSafe Treat and Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer
This remote treat dispenser is a great training aid. If your dog shows the correct behaviour then you hit the remote control and out pops a treat for the dog. This can be especially helpful for example when training dogs not to bark at a door.
Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera
Petcube is an interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone when you're away from home. Beautifully designed with an interactive laser toy, your pets will enjoy regular playtime and exercise. No more sad goodbyes! Now your furry friends are just one tap away.
Dyson Groom Tool Vacuum-Assisted Dog Groomer
Dog hairs everywhere? Ever wished you cut out the middle bit and hoover the dog directly? Well, now you can! This Dyson vacuum assisted groomer attaches to a Dyson vacuum cleaner and is then used to groom your dog. Especially useful in the moulting season when clumps of hair come off big furry dogs.
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker
A great GPS tracking device for your dog that works through the mobile phone network. It includes a 'Safe Zone' that enables Fido to walk around his home patch without alerting you. Once outside this Safe Zone, then the application alerts you. If your dog gets lost then this is an easy tool to track him down.
Hands Free Dog Leash Set for Runners
This fantastic set includes running bag, one dog lead, a treat bag and a bottle holder. All you and your dog need to get fit and enjoy long runs in the countryside. What are you waiting for?
PetSafe Drinkwell Big Dog Pet Fountain 8.5 L
This pet fountain is made for large dogs and supplies a constant flow of running water. The water can be kept sweet tasting by using the replaceable charcoal filters. Help your dog to stay hydrated with this great pet water fountain.
Scruffs Cool Mat
This cooling mat is non toxic (in case of chewing) and does not need to be put in either a fridge or a freezer. it comes in a variety of sizes and is an excellent way to keep your pooch cool in summer.
Croci Dog Swimming Pool
Perfect to keep your dog cool on a hot summer day. Not really big enough for full on swimming, but a great doggie paddling pool.
LED Dog Safety Collar
Available in a variety of sizes and colours this LED dog collar flashes in the dark to keep you and your pet safe while out walking.
Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Activity Toy
This toy from the Nina Ottosson range is of medium difficulty and there are options to make the game progressively harder for your dog. Treats are placed in the compartments and the dogs have to figure out how to move the layers with their noses and paws.
Wahl Pet Hairdryer & Stand
Pamper your pooch with this pet hairdryer. Ever feel like you need four hands when drying your dog? This hairdryer and stand leaves you free to groom your dig as his fur dries. One of the best gadgets for dogs.

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