Finding gifts for billionaires can be such a drag can’t it? Here we track down a selection of affordable gift ideas for the friend who has everything.

Gifts for Billionaires

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9

Billed by Aston Martin as the definition of an icon, this car has it all; looks, power and price. Follow in the footsteps of James Bond and drive away an Aston Martin.

If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Rangyai Island

Rangyai Island, near Phuket 

Treat your loved one to their own tropical island. For a mere $160m you can treat your billionaire to their own private island near Phuket. Lush tropical palm trees and gorgeous white beaches, all close to the local airport and with a mobile signal to keep in touch with their global investments.


Gifts for Billionaires

Spaceflight with Virgin Galactic

Help your loved one become of the first private astronauts by registering for the Virgin Galactic Space Programme “Future Astronaut”.


Gifts for Billionaires

Boeing 747

The choice of plane for Presidents and Kings, the Boeing 747 remains the ultimate iconic flying machine.  What better transport for your Billionaire friend?

John Travolta couldn’t afford one….

Gifts for Billionaires

Superyacht – Silver Fast

Just one of a fabulous selection available through Nigel Burgess.  This yacht has it all, a cinema, full spa and can accommodate 18 passengers in style.  The largest and fastest aluminium motor yacht with conventional propulsion, she makes quite a statement.


Gifts for Billionaires

Painting by Monet

Difficult to track down, a Monet is usually found at auctioneers such as Christie’s.  Monet is considered the father of the Impressionist movement and one of his paintings would take pride of place in any billionaire’s salon.

£40,921,250 achieved at auction for this painting.

Gifts for Billionaires

Membership of Prima Cinema

Join the Hollywood elite and watch new movies on release date from the comfort of your own private cinema. An exclusive streaming service for those demanding billionaires.


Gifts for Billionaires

Make your own Top Gun Movie

If your Billionaire friend wants to make a motion picture, television or similar production involving an L-39 fighter jet flight, then look no further. Your own Top Gun film is just waiting to be made with the help of Incredible Adventures.


Gifts for Billionaires

AW 101

The AW 101 is the ultimate helicopter, aimed at Heads of State and VVIPS. Your Billionaire friend will be able to hold their heads high in one of these birds.

President Obama CANCELLED an order for three


How to get more Inspired Gift Ideas

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